c programming

Python Training

Core Phython


 Setting up path
 Working with Python
 Basic Syntax
 Variable and Data Types

Conditional Statements

 If- else
 Nested if-else


 Nested loops

Control Statements


String Manipulation

 Accessing Strings
 Basic Operations
 String slices
 Function and Methods


 Accessing list
 Working with lists
 Function and Methods


 Accessing tuples
 Functions and Methods


 Accessing values in dictionaries
 Working with dictionaries


 Defining a function
 Calling a function
 Types of functions
 Function Arguments
 Anonymous functions
 Global and local variables


 Importing module
 Math module
 Random module


 Printing on screen
 Reading data from keyboard
 Opening and closing file
 Reading and writing files

Exception Handling

 Exception Handling
 Except clause
 Try ? finally clause
 User Defined Exceptions

Advance Python

OOPs concept

 Class and object
 Data hiding

Regular expressions

 Match function
 Search function
 Matching VS Searching


 CGI environment variable
 GET and POST methods
 File upload


 Executing queries
 Handling error


 Socket Module
 Client and server
 Internet modules


 Starting a thread
 Threading module
 Synchronizing threads
 Multithreaded Priority Queue

GUI Programming

 Tkinter programming
 Tkinter widgets

Sending email

C Language

Basics of C

 History and Features of C
 Importance of C
 About Procedural Language
 Role of Compiler
 Role of Interpreter
 The Structure of a C Program
 Writing C Programs
 Building an Executable Version of a C Program
 Debugging a C Program
 Examining and Running a C Application Program

An Overview Of C And Buzzwords

 Data Type, Variable
 Control Statement
 Preprocessor Directives Input and Output Operators
 Reading/Writing Charecters
 Formatted input/output Function

Control Statement

 The IF.....ELSE Statement
 IF......ELSE ladder
 Nesting of IF.....ELSE Statements
 The Switching Statements
 The do-while Statement
 The while statement
 FOR Statements

Array in C

 Array : What and Why?
 One Dementions Arrays
 Two Dementions Arrays
 Multi Dimentions Arrays
 Dynamic Arrays

String Handling

 Reading String from Terminal
 Writing String to Screen
 String Handling Functions
 Table of String

Function in C

 Function Basics
 Advantage of Function
 Variable Storage Classes
 Variable arguments Function

Pointers in C

 Understading Pointers
 Pointer expressions
 Pointer and Arrays
 Pointers and Character String
 Pointers to Functions
 Pointers and Structures

Structures and Unions

 Defining a Structure
 Advantage of Structure
 Size of Structure
 Arrays of Structures
 Structures and Functions
 Defining Unions

Dynamic Memory allocation

 Introduction to Dynamic Memory Allocation


 Concepts of Linked Lists
 Creating a Linked Lists
 Inserting/Deleting an item
 Application of Linked Lists

File Management in C

 Introduction to File Management
 Opening/Closing a File
 Input/Output operations on Files
 Error Handling During I/O Operations
 Command Line Arguments


 Macro Substitution
 File Inclusion
 Computer Control Directives

Project Development


C++ Overview

 C++ Characteristics
 Object-Oriented Terminology
 Object-Oriented Paradigm
 Abstract Data Types
 I/O Services
 Standard Template Library
 Standards Compliance

Functions and Variables

 Functions: Declaration and Definition
 Variables: Definition, Declaration, and Scope
 Variables: Dynamic Creation and Derived Data
 Arrays and Strings in C++

Classes in C++

 Defining Classes in C++
 Classes and Encapsulation
 Member Functions
 Instantiating and Using Classes
 Using Constructors
 Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists
 Using Destructors to Destroy Instances

Operator Overloading

 Operator Overloading
 Working with Overloaded Operator Methods

Initialization and Assignment

 Initialization vs. Assignment
 The Copy Constructor
 Assigning Values
 Specialized Constructors and Methods
 Constant and Static Class Members

Storage Management

 Memory Allocation
 Dynamic Allocation: new and delete


 Overview of Inheritance
 Defining Base and Derived Classes
 Constructor and Destructor Calls


 Overview of Polymorphism

Input and Output in C++ Programs

 Standard Streams
 Unformatted Input and Output
 File Input and Output


 Inheritance and Exceptions
 Exception Hierarchies
 Inside an Exception Handler


 Template Overview
 Customizing a Templated Method
 Standard Template Library Containers