AB TECH INSTITUTE affords the PHP Training in due to the fact remaining 7 years. Our skilled Trainers information the college students to respective coaching tactics at each fundamental and strengthen PHP stage for the duration of our a hundred percent job oriented superior PHP path in Chandigarh and Mohali. Our extensive vary of Course for PHP & MySql for brisker as properly as working professionals. At the give up of the courses, college students will be given Live Projects Training.

What is PHP?

PHP is simply a device identical as JSP, ASPdotnet, ColdFusion, Perl, Ruby on rail, CGI, etc. PHP is very robust evaluate to different internet language like asp, aspdotnet. one want to have precise perception of database like oracle, MS SQl, MY SQL and many others if you desire to actually pinnacle in industry. We supply enterprise particular PHP Training in Chandigarh, PHP with MY SQL or different database additionally with real-time state of affairs of how to layout satisfactory purposes the use of PHP skill. We instruct cutting-edge model of PHP. At AB TECH INSTITUTE, we assist you nurture your programming knowledge, abilities and construct a profitable direction for your lengthy and revolutionary profession through our PHP industrial Training in Chandigarh. Live Project primarily based 6 Week/Month PHP Industrial Training or Summer Industrial Training in PHP is every other feather in cap for our PHP coaching in Chandigarh, you are given a risk to work on actual Live Projects of PHP Development and Integration. So whilst you are with us, you are related with WEB.

PHP Contents?


  • Introduction to HTML.5,CSS 3
  • Introduction to PHP
  • PHPs role in Worldwide Web Tech
  • Installing Server on different Platform
  • PHP Language Fundamentals
  • PHP Basics, Variables
  • Declaring & using constants
  • Operators in PHP
  • If, While & For Construct in PHP
  • Comments with PHP
  • Understanding PHP Configuration file


  • Object Oriented Programming with PHP
  • Introduction of OOPs
  • Classes, Objects, Methods and Properties
  • Chaining Methods and Properties
  • Access Modifiers: Private, Public and Protected
  • Method Overloading and MethodOverriding
  • Abstract Classes and Methods
  • Interfaces – the next level of abstraction
  • Polymorphism in PHP
  • Magic Methods(Constructors & Destructors) & Constants
  • Inheritance in Object-Oriented PHP
  • Final Keyword, Type Hinting
  • Static Members and Properties

Database Connectivity

  • Using MYSQL(Object-Oriented)
  • Using PDO(PHP Data Objects)
  • About
  • Installing and Upgrading
  • Dashboard and Settings
  • Installing Themes, Widgets and Plugins
  • security and Backup
  • Working with cpanel on Live Server
  • Working with Contents
  • Migrating from localhost to Live Server


  • About Joomla
  • Installing and Upgrading
  • Dashboard and Settings
  • Adding Contents
  • Installing Plugins


  • Write Less Do More Library
  • Downloading and Including jquery
  • Anatomy of jQuery Script
  • DOM Architecture
  • Selecting, Decorating & Enhancing
  • Animate and Scrolling
  • Working with jQuery Events
  • jQuery HTML(Append, Prepend, addClass, toggleClass etc.)
  • jQuery Effects(Fade-in,Fade-out), toggle, animate,slide stop etc.
  • jQuery Selectors
  • UI Library Based Effect
  • Integrating jQuery Plugins


  • Registering Domians
  • Using Control Panel
  • Migrating from Local host to Live Server
  • Using FTP Client